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When Lineage Meant Something

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When Lineage Meant Something

Lineage was an MMORPG that was meant to be a grid feast, working to get the best gear, and trying to the best player.  Back when I was playing the original game, it was an accomplishment when you were level 52, heck even level 48 was dope.  When you had +8 items everyone thought you were a god or something in the game.  When you wore a tag over your head, you had respect.  When you were good at PVP, people were scared of you.

No longer the case in any of the private servers, as they bypass all that.  Most servers today are high rate, easy to level, and rare drops are nothing rare about them, as they can easily be acquired. Leveling is a breeze as you can hit 48 within a matter of hours of playing the game. Money is easy to acquire and didn’t really recall your farming a location.

Well, I miss all that, and I wish there was a server that is at least updated and still a grid feast.  I want a game that I can play for a long time, working on my character, and make progress.  I do not know how many people feel about that, but there was some kinda joy in that.  So I started to work on the 3.63c server again trying to make it a personal server with all the hardcore features of it.

The only sad part about that is it’s only me lol.  Nobody around to look cool in front of me, but me and myself.  I might get bored of it soon enough and just quit playing, after all, I am looking forward to Ashes of Creation MMORPG.  But in the meant time, it will give a place to play and enjoy the old classic Lineage MMORPG.

lineage mmorpg gameplay

So, I started up my old files I was working on, back 4 years ago, and set the correct settings for the server rates.  All 1X!!  I didn’t add anything to be the beginner’s items and left everything at default.  Level up to 5 with the training dummies, and my adventure begins!

No pots, no buffs, beside haste, and I begin my grid.

For the first few levels, I have to hunt goblins and Kobold.  I remember I can even hunt orcs because they are social mobs.  This means that all the other orcs monster on-screen will attack, and I will get wiped quickly.  LOL Fun times.

lineage mmorpg gameplay

I just got back from leveling to town for level 6!  Yes, I am now level 6.  But I think I may need to increase the Adena drop rate because my god only got 166 Adena!  That’s not gonna be very helpful even if I want to buy pots.  The basic necessaries of hunting will out way what I make in return.

Increased Adena drop rate to 3, restarted the server and now let’s see how much better that is for at least making enough Adena to buy the basic stuff.  Ah, yes, I made enough to buy 6 Lesser Healing Potion from a hunt.  I don’t know how even manage to play this game 20 years ago lol.  It’s freaking hard on low-level rates.

I would be lucky if I made it to level 10 today at this rate lol.  But let’s see it.  Enough with the post, and let me focus on getting out of Hidden Valley and make some Adena.  I will leave the server rate as it is, and continue my adventures.

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