Lineage Remastered – First Look

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Lineage Remaster – First Look

Lineage Remaster – No Longer Lineage

Lineage remastered is the latest edition of the beloved lineage MMORPG we have grown to love and played when we were younger. Matter of fact this was the first MMORPG I have ever played back when I was around 18 years old. Now 41, and still looking for a good server to play for the long haul. This game is not your typical game, where you can expect to level up fast and be at the end game quickly. You need patience and dedication.

Lineage remastered is no longer our typical lineage game. It’s a completely new game, from the way the player walks to the way they attack. Lots of things have been changed and lots of things are unknown to us. However, with images and past experiences, we can figure out a lot of the stuff and go from there.

Lineage Characters

A total of 9 playable characters has been added from the original lineage game. I am talking about back from version 3.63c. Some of them we already knew about, and some are gonna be a learning curve to figure out what are they good for. I mean, on the most private server there were always the basic classes played. The Knight, The Mage, The Elf, and The Prince for guides. The other classes really serve no purpose other than boredom. I am not going to show all the class images, but you can bet that if there is a female version, there is also a male version.

Dark Elf



Dragon Knight






New UI – More Modern

Almost everything about the UI has changed. I find it rather difficult to navigate simply because in my mind I am thinking about the old layout. From the chatbox to the quest on the side showing up, it’s a totally new game. As I explore the game more, I will put up detailed information about everything and hopefully give you guys a better understanding of how to navigate. But right now, I can not really say much about it other than it looks fresh. I think the game is made for both pc and mobile coming from the way the navigation went when I tested out the game.


Walking in this game is new. It almost seems as the character is lagging while walking. Us lineage players are gonna have a hard time getting used to that if you were to play this version of lineage. It’s not something we are used to. And I believe that comes with all the updates on the graphics and UI. More testing needs to be done while in polymorph as that is one thing we use constantly while hunting. Make sure you see the video as I talk a bit about that 🙂


It’s not lineage anymore and that’s all I really gotta say about this game. We, lineage players, spent 20+ years playing the game that we fell in love with, and for us to adapt to change is gonna be difficult. That is the reason why we kept playing on a private server because we just love the good old feeling of lineage. I honestly do not think this version of Lineage will go too well with our community. But maybe things have changed, I don’t know.

Let me know what you guys think about it. Would love to see how you guys are relating to all the changes and general feel of the game. It’s not lineage anymore. And I promise I will stop using the death knight image so much. LOL, apparently that’s everywhere come to think of it.

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