Lineage 1 Remaster released in the eastern market in 2019, with newly updated graphics and lots of cool new things we don’t know about!

The official launch of the belove Lineage 1 was back in 1998. Dam, that’s when I graduate high school! Yeah, I am old, I get. And the US market lost the belove game in 2007 ( I think!). Despite the loss of the game, lineage 1 remained in the heart of those who enjoyed the game.

In 2019, Lineage 1 Remaster was released in Korean and the eastern world. We never got any of the updates past Espiode IV or VI? I forgot it’s been so long! However, the game did get updates in the eastern market, and well, we are behind in all the updates.

Anyways, this post is going to be all the new updates we have in Lineage 1 Remaster clients. So let’s begin, shall we? Now, I am only starting from the release of Lineage remaster, and not from our last version in the western market.

This is my observation of playing the game and testing out the new remaster game. There are no official patch notes in English, so this will be updated as I find things!

Improved Graphics

Unlike traditional Lineage, the graphics have evolved significantly to change monitor resolution, an improved interface that’s more modern.


  • 1280 x 720
  • 1600 x 900
  • 1920 x 1080
  • Full Screen
lineage 1 remaster
lineage 1 remaster
lineage 1 remaster
lineage 1 remaster
lineage 1 remaster
lineage 1 remaster
lineage 1 remaster
lineage 1 remaster

New Class - Fencer

A brand new class added, aside from the Warrior class NA or EU never got. Looks like to be a sword/knight class that wields two-handed swords with just one hand. Most of the skills for this class are unknown, and not experienced. But they do share equipment with the knight class. So all the knight gear, the Fencer can use and equip.

lineage 1 remaster new class fencer

Fencer Skills

  • Pantera – Dynamic Rush Attack (ability to rush to far target and deal damage and stun
  • Phantom – I could not make sense of what the skill does
  • Paradox – Counter Attack Skill (If target’s skill fails, the skill will trigger and counter-attack at a constant rate)
  • Judgment – Resistances to Breakage (the resistance of the target is reduced, according to the target’s STR)
  • Hellfire – Range Type Physical Attack ( physical range attack to monsters around the caster. Damage increase relative to the attack power of weapon)
  • Blade – Range Attack (throws a shapeless sword at the target and inflicts powerful physical damage)
  • Growth – Passive Growth Aid (when you defeat a monster, you get 2x – 5x exp chance)
  • Survive – Survival Skill (potion recovery increases at a constant rate when HP is less than 45%)
  • Damascus – Weapon Skill (does not damage the equipped weapon)

Legendary Skills

Each class from the previous version also got some nice new skills.

lineage remaster legendary skills warrior

can not escape for 5 seconds and inflicts sustained damage

lineage remaster legendary skills royal

some sort of defense buff for clan members

lineage remaster legendary skills knights

stuns target for up to 7 seconds

lineage remaster legendary skills mage

prevents the enemy from escaping

lineage remaster legendary skills illusionist

Key status increased by 20%

lineage remaster legendary skills elf

ability to use two spiritual attributes

lineage remaster legendary skills darkelf
Dark Elfs

deals powerful damage when target’s HP is 30% or below with bleed effect

lineage remaster legendary skills dragonknight

close-range damage (toggle)

Mythical Weapons

Lot’s of armor and weapon has been added to the game. I still need to do some research on what they are. Since the information is coming from Japan, and Korean websites, it’s really hard to translate it into proper English. So bare with me on this update.

Ingame Bot (PSS)

Yes, my favorite part of the game update, no not really. But at least now you don’t have to cry about bots in this game. This apparently, heals when you’re low on hp, escapes to town when your low on hp, and even returns to a hunting spot. I just don’t know how to set up the bot, but it’s not really something I am looking for anyways. This may get an update very late lol.

lineage remaster pss system

Tower of Insolence

Originally, the Tower of Insolence was about 100f which you had to literally go up each floor to get to the next floor. Each top floor (example. 10F, 20F, 30F) consists of a boss mob that spawned at random times. However, with the Lineage 1 Remaster, the towers have been condensed. There are only 11 floors available now. Each floor consists of a boss mob that would normally be found on the 10F, 20F, 30F, etc…

So for example, the Zenith Queen would spawn on the 10F. In remaster, she will spawn on the 1F. The need to fight your way up to the 10F is not necessary anymore.

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