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Since it has been such a long time playing around with Lineage server/client files, I thought I make a guide on the basics.  I forgot almost everything and need a refresher on how everything works again.  So if your planning on working a server yourself this may be helpful to you.  If not, no worries.  Was not meant for you anyways haha.

In order to be a GM for your server, you must do the following:

  • Create an account via logging into the game client
  • Create a character
  • And you need to adjust the account and character for access level

Head to your database editor and change account and the character you want to be a gm to 200 access level.

lineage gm command
Account Table

lineage gm command
Character Table

Congrats you are now a GM of your own private server.  But with powers, you need to know how to use them right? Keep reading my little padawan!

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_custom_heading text=”Lineage GM Commands”][vc_column_text]All commands in 3.63c client and what the heck they do.

In order to use them in-game, you will need to type into the game chat window.[/vc_column_text][vc_gutenberg]

Command Example In Game What it does
echo .echo Hello Lineage Server annoucement in game (not global chat)
setting .setting Name Stat Value changes the stats of a character
summon .summon npcid summons npc to you
cleaning .cleaning cleans the ground
addskill .addskill adds all your skills
level .level level adds a level or decrease a level (can be any number)
loc .loc shows your current coordinates ingame
desc .desc shows your detail stats? (dunno)
who .who shows the amount of players in game
allbuff .allbuff Name gives you all the buffs, and morphs you to dk with super speed
speed .speed gives you movement speed
adena .adena Amount gives you money ingame
hpbar .hpbar on|off turns on hp bar on or off
resetrap .resetrap reloads all the traps
showtrap .showtrap on|off shows all the traps
castgfx .castgfx SprID Amount  
gfxid .gfxid GfxID Amount  
invgfxid .invgfxid Amount  
hometown .hometown daily|monthly  
gm .gm toggles gm on and off
present .present CharName ItemID Enchant Amount  
lvpresent .lvpresent MinLv MaxLv ItemID Enchant Amount  
shutdown .shutdown starts server shutdown
item .item ItemID|ItemName Amount Enchant Identify  
itemset .itemset ItemSetName  
buff .buff all|me SkillID Seconds  
patrol .patrol  
banip .banip IP add|del  
chat .chat  
chatng .chatng CharName Minutes  
skick .skick  
kick .kick  
powerkick .powerkick  
accbankick .accbankick  
poly .poly CharName GfxID  
polyme .polyme GfxID  
ress .ress ress people around you
gmroom .gmroom moves you to gmroom if avaliable
topc .topc  
move .move X Y MapID  
weather .weather 0|1|2|3|16|17|18|19 changes weather ingame
tospawn .tospawn  
visible .visible show yourself if your hidden
invisible .invisble hides yourself
spawn .spawn NPCID Amount Range spawns amount of npc you decide, range is not really needed
insert .insert mob|npc id  
help .help shows a list of commends you can use ingame
action .action actID  
title .title give yourself title
findinvis .findinvis on|off toggles on or off
potlog .potlog on|off turn on or off pot log
droplog .droplog on|off turn on or off drop log
castgfx2 .castgfx2 GfxID Intervals Amount  
remove_instancemap .remove_instancemap MapID  
add_instancemap .add_instancemap MapID  
reload .reload reloads display objects
pcbuff .pcbuff  
config .config shows config settings of the server
atklog .atklog on|off toggles on and off of attack log
reloadcnf .reloadcnf reloading configs
rminv .rminv removes item in inventory not equipped


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