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Ashes of Creation Races

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Obviously, the game is in earlier development at the moment so we don’t have all the details of particular aspects of the systems, so this is subject to change but this is what we know so far. Without wasting any further time we’re going to spend the next five minutes taking an early look at the Ashe of Creation races within the game. We have nine playable races within the game this includes four parent races that each have two sub-races as well. The Tulnars otherwise also known as the forgotten which are a combination of many different races (sort of like mutants).

  • Aela Humans – Kaelar + Vaelune
  • Dunzenkell Dwarves – Dunir + Nikua
  • Kaivek Orcs – Ren’Kai + Vek
  • Pyrian Elves – Empyrean + Py’Rai
  • Mutants – Tulnars
ashes of creation race breakdown
ashe of creation races
4 Main Races
ashes of creation races
Tulnars Race – Forgotten

Each race will have a unique mount and the armor appearance will change based on the player’s race. So for example if we have Kaelar human and Dunir dwarf then the same specific gear set will take the appearances of that race. Perhaps sleeker appearances for a human, whereas the dwarf will be more rigid sturdy. You can kind of get the idea from that. Lastly, racial abilities, each race will have their own unique racial ability.

Aela Humans

So the Aela Humans have two playable races the first is the Kaelar and the second is the Vaelune. The a-line empire is said to be the largest nation within the world of vera and it shares a border with every other nation.

kaelar humans ashes of creation
Kealer Humans

The Kaelar principles are build, order, and civilization and their aim is to expand their presence all over the world of Vera.

Vaelune Humans
Vaelune Humans

The Vaelune principles a trade, law, and hardship smart and intelligent the value leveraged their relationships to propel themselves into one of the wealthiest empires.

Vaelune has a middle eastern racial influence. Let’s take a look at the architectural style of the Aela Humans. As you can see from the images they have a french medieval influence and what you’re seeing on your screen here is a piece of Kaelar concept art. Now we have the Vaelune architectural style as you can see it’s definitely more of a middle eastern influence. 

Pyrian Elves

The next race within ashes of creation is the Pyrain Elves the Empyrean and the Py’Rai are the playable races of Elvin origin. The elves generally keep within the borders of the Pyrain kingdom strong, scientific, and artistic roots the elven universities are unmatched in the world of vera.

ashes of creation empyrean elves
Empyrean Elves

The Empyrean principles are imperial, pride, and culture a highly structured elite military force they’re determined to make their name in the world.

ashes of creation races py'rai elves
Py’Rai Elves

The Py’Rai principles are nature, balance, and fury at peace and love of the natural world they’re not to be mistaken as a weakness the Py’Rai have ruthlessness flowing through their veins if we take a look at the architectural style for the Py’Rai elves.

The Empyrean architecture is said to have a roman influence whereas the Py’Rai has a native American influenced architectural style.

Kaivek Orcs

The Ren’Kai and the Vek are the playable races of orcish origin. They believe that the orcs should have superiority over all nations in Vera determined to conquer their capital city houses trophies from their fallen victims.

ashes of creation races ren'kai orcs
Ren’Kai Orcs

The Ren’kai principles are honor, power, and tranquility focused and balanced. The Ren’Kai can harness incredible power.

ashes of creation races vek orcs
Vek Orcs

The Vek principles are celestial, purpose, and fate astrologers by nature star mapsnumerology and prophecy are integral parts of the Vek life.

The architectural style of the Ren’Kai is not officially stated but by looking at the architecture we can definitely see some resemblance to Japanese design. Looking at the Vek, architecture we do know that they have a mesoamerican racial influence and we can see that in the images we have.

Dunzenkell Dwarves

The oldest nation in the world of Vera. They are connected together by alliances forged by family guilds the Dunir and the Nikua are the playable races of dwarven origin.

ashes of creation races dunir dwarfs
Dunir Dwarfs

The Dunir principles are stoic, tradition, and forge proud craftsmen and engineers the Dunir built impenetrable fortresses within the mountains of Vera.

ashes of creation races nikua dwarfs
Nikua Dwarfs

The Nikua principles are family, freedom, and courage the opposite of the Dunir.

The Nikua resent the mountains still highly skilled craftsmen they have a family-focused culture-making decision that will benefit their family first and foremost here you can see an example of Dunir architecture they have a nordic cultural influence and the Nikua have a Polynesian influence.


We don’t have much information on the Tulnar, but we do know they are a unique race that is a combination of a number of different other races and they are the only race with the ability to significantly adjust racial appearance such as attributes as reptilian mammalian and humanoid and that concludes our brief look into the races within ashes of creation.

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