Ashes of Creation Classes

Today we will be talking about the classes in the upcoming high fantasy MMORPG Ashes of Creation. We already know the nine playable races you can choose from in Ashes of Creation, eight of which are directly associated with a parent race and one that stands more on its own.

Classes in Ashes of Creation are a combination of your primary and secondary archetypes. You can choose your primary archetype at the start of the game, and this choice is permanent. There are eight different primary archetypes to choose from.

  • Fighter
  • Tank
  • Rogue
  • Ranger
  • Mage
  • Summoner
  • Cleric
  • Bard

As you level up, you will receive skill points that will be spent within your primary archetype skill tree. Upon reaching level 25, you will then choose a secondary archetype, and the result of this choice will be to determine what your class is. Your secondary archetype choices are the same as your primary archetype choices, but the results of your choice this time around lead to 64 total unique classes in the game.

Your secondary archetype will change the way that your active skills will work. Players can now augment their primary skills with effects from their secondary archetype. The secondary archetype choice is not permanent, but it also cannot be changed on the fly. This system can almost be thought of as your primary class and subclass, but that’s not really how the game’s terminology is presented.

Your class in Ashes of Creation is the result of both your primary and secondary archetype choices. Here’s a quick example to help you understand this concept. A player chooses a ranger for their primary archetype, which is on this chart’s left side. Upon reaching level 25, they get to choose their secondary archetype from the top of the chart’s choices.

Let’s say this ranger chooses tank for their secondary archetype; follow the chart to where the ranger and tank meet, and it tells us that our class is the “sentinel.” You’re still a ranger, but tanky-type features will augment your skills.

ashes of creation class list

If a fighter chooses mage as their secondary archetype, they become a “spellsword.” A fighter’s classic rush ability might then be augmented to make that rush skill turn into a teleport, which is a more magey type of feature. The rush skill will still get the fighter to their target and deal damage, but now it has become much quicker as a teleport animation.

Let’s go over all of the archetypes and see what classes they lead to.


Fighters are experts in physical combat and masters of many weapons. This archetype will include maneuverability and closing the gap mechanics to enable the fighter to traverse distances on the battlefield quickly. May times, fighters will be cutting through enemy lines and taking out healers with quick DPS.

This will be a versatile archetype allowing the player to determine whether they want to be more ranged or melee-based. Suppose you also choose fighter as your secondary archetype at level 25. In that case, Weapon Master will be your class, and other classes you may become include Dreadnought, Shadowblade, Hunter, Spellsword, Bladecaller, Highsword, Bladedancer.


ashes of creation tank class

A tank’s job is to control a fight, help mitigate damage, and dictate who is getting hit. This archetype can take massive amounts of punishment and woe to those who ignore their commands. Tanks will have different build options such as evasion. Tanks control tanks and shield tanks. If the tank is chosen as your primary archetype regardless of your secondary archetype choice, it will be viable for tanking and upper-end raids. If you also select the tank as your secondary archetype, your class will be called the Guardian. In the other classes, you might become Knight, Nightshield, Warden, Spellshield, Keeper, Paladin, Argent.


Rogues are masters of opportunity, using skill positioning and the environment to dish out crazy amounts of damage. Outside of combat, rogues can provide some utility to help parties navigate hidden dangers such as traps or find secret doors and treasures. If you choose rogue as your secondary archetype, you will be an Assassin. The other classes include Duelist, Shadow Guardian, Predator, Nightspell, Shadow Lord, Cultist, Charlatan.


Rangers are masters of death from afar. They are incredibly skilled with bows and other types of ranged weapons. They also have a keen eye when in natural environments. If you choose ranger as your secondary archetype, you will be Hawkeye class. Other classes include Strider, Sentinell, Scout, Scion, Falconer, Soulbow, Bowsingler.


ashes of creation mage class

Mages are masters of the arcane, and they bring terrible elements to be bare and devastating spells. There will be elements such as air, fire, water, and lighting, and the current climate and seasons may even influence these elements. The mage archetype offers four elemental schools as augments to a character’s primary skills. If you choose mage as your secondary archetype, you will be the Archwizard class. The other classes include Battle Mage, Spellstone, Shadow Caster, Spellhunter, Warlock, Acolyte, Sorcerer.


ashes of creation summoner

Summoner lives by the motto of two hands are good, but four hands are always better. There’s no situation a summoner can not handle, for they can quickly shift their roles to fill gaps in the group’s composition. Many of the summer’s abilities are channeled through their summons, which is pets or companions. This can include animal spirits, undead, and more. A summoner will be able to summon up to three at once. Summoners who work together may be able to summon much larger summons such as golems. If you also choose summoner as your secondary archetype, you will be a Conjurer. The other classes include Wild Blade, Brood Warden, Shadowmancer, Beastmaster, Spellmancer, Necromancer, Enchanter.


ashes of creation cleric class

Clerics can protect their allies in several ways and, when necessary, take life from others. They are masters of the essence of vitality and can sense the broken and corrupted. They can heal and resurrect or even turn enemies’ powers against them in the heat of battle. Choosing a cleric as your secondary archetype as well will give you the High Priest class. The other classes include Templar, Apostle, Shadow Disciple, Protector, Oracle, Shaman, Scryer.


The Bard is a force multiplier and weaves songs of glory and conquest that inspire allies. They know secret and powerful words that can turn foes into friends or make nightmares become a reality. Bards are a powerful force that can amplify not only DPS characters but also other support characters. The bards will have engaging combat abilities buffs that are tied into combat. They will offer some proximity-based healing and have many utility features as well. If you choose bard as your secondary archetype, you will be a Minstrel. The other classes include Tellsword, Siren, Trickster, Song Warden, Magician, Songcaller, Soul Weaver.

More detailed guides on each class are in the works. So make sure you come back and check those guides out.

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