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Alpha Phase i – Day 2

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Had some free time on me today, so this is day 2 of alpha phase testing. I tried to play with the gm character, but honestly, there’s really no testing doing with that character. So I jumped on my regular character and started to randomly teleport around.

Couldn’t find anything wrong with fire valley. All mobs drop according and non was missing any sprite files or anything. And kinda also wanted to check out how the mobs look here. Randomly teleporting around, I got to the twilight mountain region. Lots of Giants around, too much for a knight to handle, but would be awesome for a mage to aoe farm.

It really wasn’t until i got to Oren area, where I found few pets here that was missing spirit files. So this needs to be update, of course noting down here for what I need to change :P.

So todays test run…

  • Brave pots do not stack! Every 4 minutes, I need to pop one
  • Saint Bernard, Fox, Husky, & Bear missing sprite file
  • Also getting some lag spikes often, this may just be me.

It might be a few days before another update, as now, I am really getting annoyed with this wordpress theme, so I might be working on updating this site.

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December 31, 2020
Nice. 2 days of testing. appreciate your efforts. I am waiting
January 21, 2021
Hey man, this is very exciting. I would love to play a Lineage Remastered private server. I have a friend that may be interested in helping out server/database side, let me know if you're interested.
January 23, 2021
right now, we have most of it already done. just a matter of finding a server to host it and a few tweaks. but appreciate the offer :)

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