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About The Game

Lineage MMORPG was one of the first MMORPG I played way back in the 1990s.  My god that feels so old.  But in 2011, we lost the beloved game here in the USA.  However, Lineage continues to thrive in the West with constant updates to the game itself.  Here in the states, we got private servers, with no updates on the latest client compare to the West.  We appreciate those dedicated fans who want to continue to keep Lineage MMORPG alive here in the States.


Unique Classes


Epic Bosses



ashes of creation classes

Ashes of Creation Classes

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Today we will be talking about the classes in the upcoming high fantasy MMORPG Ashes of Creation. We already know the nine playable races you can choose from in Ashes of Creation, eight of which are directly associated with a parent race and one that stands more on its own.  ...
lineage remaster private server test

Alpha Phase i – Day 2

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Had some free time on me today, so this is day 2 of alpha phase testing. I tried to play with the gm character, but honestly, there's really no testing doing with that character. So I jumped on my regular character and started to randomly teleport around. Couldn't find anything...
lineage remaster english alpha

It’s time to Test – Alpha Phase I

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After working on this server for some months, it's time to start the alpha testing phase. Collecting general bugs so that the beta phase is playable. Despite being playable now, but we want a good fresh start with fewer bugs than we have now. And in order for that to...
ashes of creation races

Ashes of Creation Races

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Obviously, the game is in earlier development at the moment so we don't have all the details of particular aspects of the systems, so this is subject to change but this is what we know so far. Without wasting any further time we're going to spend the next five minutes...

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